A key step of automatic pillow packaging machine maintenance "mechanical parts"


  In daily production operation of the packaging machine maintenance is one of the important projects in the automatic pillow packaging machine maintenance two-step article detailed explained the pillow packaging electrical parts and lubrication maintenance. And mechanical parts for pillow packaging machine maintenance is also cannot be ignored, landscapes themselves, at the same time maintain can greatly prolong the service life of the packing machine.

  Mechanical parts

★  Generally, under the condition of new machines in the factory has to do commissioning and running-in, but users should also be in after medium speed (about 40 bags/min) running-in high-speed operation again after 24 hours, to mechanical prolong service life.
★  Packaging machine in a month after the operation, to ensure accurate packaging effect to adjust the operator to drive chain, belt. After each run two month;
★  Parts lubrication is an important part of the packaging machine, so the horizontal sealing master-slave motion gear should be every two months running around a filling grease.
★  The interior of the machinery health is one of the factors to insure the effect of packaging, so the longitudinal sealing cover board twice a week to clean up, add lubricant to the longitudinal sealing slide at the same time;
★  Packaging machine operating speed regulation should pay attention to the adjustment of the gearbox, tooth chain stepless transmission gear chain tension adjustment and usage see stepless transmission operation instruction;
★  Daily mechanical failure is usually parts loose or fall off, in order to ensure the normal operation of the packaging machine, the operator should check whether there is any looseness on fastening parts regularly, lubrication of gear, rack, chain wheel, chain and wire rod and other components;
★  To maintain the cleanness of the whole machine should often clean surface, wipe the machine cover, countertops thereof, to keep the machine clean.