Drink hot drinks is comfortable straws to choose but it bother


        Winter to drink a cup of hot milk tea, drink a cup of hot soy milk is a pleasant thing, as the hot drinks, straw used by more and more frequently, but rarely pay attention to the quality problem. Recently, the jiangsu province pledges inspect bureau released the sampling results of plastic straw on market, seven of them become “3 without ”product, Often use bad for your health.

   The test covers the yonghe soya-bean milk, food and beverage companies such as starbucks, pizza hut, rt-mart, wal-mart and other large supermarkets, shop no. 1, taobao, jingdong, such as online stores, as well as the major wholesale markets, the results showed: there are more than 90% of the products, mobility excess metal ions; Nearly half of the straw phthalic acid dibutyl not up to standard; In addition, detect the mobility fluorescent material, polyethylene, talcum powder, etc. Of (among) all the detection of straw, production date, quality certification and the manufacturer's products accounts for 70%.

Tianjin medicine research institute associate researcher Li Gongzhu pointed out that although the human body needs some trace metal ions, such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, etc., but the metal ions in the body easy to deposit, can turn exceeds a certain limit the harm. In addition, many metal ions are harmful to human body, such as heavy metals such as lead and mercury ions. Migration of the metal ions than the average metal ions are more likely to happen chemical reaction, such as protein in milk, soy milk, easy to form a complex, damage healthy.
   Phthalic acid dibutyl ester is the most commonly used in the plastic plasticizer, can make the straw softness is good, but it has a mild stimulation, can cause mild irritation, inhalation and skin contact and swallowed, toxicity, can cause the functional changes of the nervous system. Fluorescent agent after being absorbed by the human body is not easy to decompose, contact too much fluorescent agent will accumulate in the liver or other organs, be carcinogenic factors.
   According to May 2010, our country's "drinking straw polypropylene" regulation, disposable plastic straws are food related products, the production enterprise must obtain food related products production license issued by the quality supervision department. On the outer packing, must have the QS food quality security identity, and with the use of the relevant materials in accordance with the relevant provisions, producer name and address, etc. But most of the sellers on the market the straws, did not meet the above requirements, no production label on the outer packing. Especially many roadside vendors straws, pull down directly exposed to the air after packaging, health is very difficult to guarantee.
   Choose good, with good straws is very important. First of all, looking at whether information is complete, the production of packaging production date, shelf-life, QS logo 1 can't be little. Bian color again, colorful don't buy as far as possible, especially the darker take extra attention. Finally smell smell, smell problem is certainly a straw.
   Li Gongzhu proposal, security or not, a straw to use less as far as possible or not. Hot temperature is too high, suction plastic breaks down the harmful substances. Must through a straw, the proposal goes to normal large supermarket to buy.