The wisdom of the straw - transformation case made in China


  In the international commercial competition at the same time, Made in China goods are trying to get rid of the label of low-end, inferior. Many in terms of scale have world-class companies, such as lenovo, geely, vientiane, hongxing,, light, etc., has been to evolve in the direction of the high quality.

  However, few people know, in the vast made small commodities in China, there are also many already say goodbye to the large-scale and high added value, the brand of traditional enterprises. These products are of high quality positioning is accepted by consumers at home and abroad market.

  Located in the yiwu double child straw is such a company. Yiwu has full international small commodity production base and civilization, but according to the chairman LouZhongPing, their products are "small small" in the ten thousand kinds of small commodities - press FenLi valuation product value, not only than zhejiang leather and hardware, however, even the buttons with stockings they can match.

  However, as LouZhongPing desk "sexy" banners hanging on the wall, the only do ordinary plastic straws in the business of the traditional manufacturing enterprises, have already said goodbye to the scale of the world's first proud feeling, on a high added value, ideas to get in the way of respect.

  In these small straw and slightly alternative LouZhongPing after 60, may be with Made in China some hope.

  Small straw and wisdom

  A straw do?

  Unimaginative people are puzzled by the problem, teaching staff and LouZhongPing double child straw is: a tool or a work of art, how to have a straw function?

  In the double child taobao flagship store, all sorts of modelling art straws, carrying the windmill toy straws, the function of helping children take medicine straws, and a single suction can be a total love straws, can be found here. Soon, you can also find strong suction tube used to eat fruit, do art straws, glass frame, bicycle to temperature change color multifunction straws, and can see small high-tech straws of the universe. Here, the straw and overturn the word collocation.

  And these straws, mostly after 60 LouZhongPing creative or design.

  A lot of friends feel old building is a legend. Double child straw is he after numerous business fail, after back to yiwu in 1991 with 2000 yuan to do business. He is very not easy to use for ten years after the 60 finally rich, don't run the client, don't play golf, living a simple mess. Photo only primary culture of his self-study and CAD, in person with straw products, and arranged the pairs of children's office building interior design.

  Focus on production at the same time, he designed a rare in China, by the way of water treatment and rainwater collection systems in the private sector. The factory built a real low carbon demonstration base of environmental protection, industrial water saving 2 million yuan each year for the enterprise cost, Shanghai consulate in the United States have traveled to take a look.

  Obviously, in addition to diligence, as a pair of children's soul LouZhongPing is a childlike innocence and innovation gene. Both in his small straw business into a big wisdom. Help double child took a different path of differentiation.

  In 2011, sales of double child straw is 160 million yuan, total produced 7000 tons. So big, can put the straw business do LouZhongPing wisdom is not just the product level. In fact, he is a calm, smart businessman.

  In a child through the 20 years, domestic competition, foreign crisis. Many much earlier than double child's small enterprises in all kinds of depression and disaster were shut the door, or the direction of the industry, some simply made zheshang "run". But LouZhongPing step by step for the camp came along.

  His first masterpiece is a brand. That was in 1995, including LouZhongPing company, yiwu has dozens of production of straw small workshops. LouZhongPing found that the workshop production of straw packaging Logo has two children. Inquire about his brainwave to industrial and commercial bureau, the staff although I do not know the origin of the Logo, but told him no one has registered the trademark. LouZhongPing home immediately took money to register the trademark and trademark statement in the local newspaper. This is also in yiwu 17th trademark.

  LouZhongPing is a man of like trying new things, he was exposed to the computers and networks in 1995. Aol, YingHai wei, such as the Internet early wet, he who. In 1997, ma was a website on the designs for the ministry of foreign trade, LouZhongPing alone found a B2B overseas sales channels.

  In 2004, double child straws through traditional and electricity has two legs way be the world's largest. However, just as alibaba heyday, LouZhongPing but changed his mind. He thinks, although quantitative big European and American customers, timely payment, but enough to enjoy Made in China they are too strong. K - Mart in the United States, much fun before the dollar store, and there is no bargaining space double child, what is more worthy of concern, if according to the European and American customers mass order arrangement of production line, then the double child will be rigidly tied up at the low end product level, no energy for innovation.

  Then, in 2005, held a double child LouZhongPing transformation of the first "five-year plan" of the conference, the transformation of the enterprise aims to "do not do big customer", "brand", "innovation" three major principles. Since then, the double child started down the path of creative products, the customers also slowly turned into more than 10000 of the "long tail".

  Time proved that his decision is wise. Later, K Mart, more fun the dollar store both bankruptcy, and the double child is found while in Japan and the domestic order small but more profitable customers.

  "Do the amount of low value-added products easy fat die." The sharp point of view, and not he learned in school, but his awareness in practice. "Poor potential cu was the beginner's mind, work in full view of its stranger", he can always catch what others imperceptible.

  In LouZhongPing point of view, in fact, his a lot of innovation is a product of "trapped and know", rather than how wise. He told reporters in two examples to prove: because straw is extremely partial industry production, there can be no machinery company to double child manufacturing machine, if you want to product innovation, research and development of double child can oneself machine. And gray water recycle, because yiwu is really a water area, and now the water has risen to more than 6 yuan per ton. When he was just his visit to Japan a knowledge to practice.

  Heritage and to stick to

  LouZhongPing was among the first to use weibo a batch of people, in addition to himself, and three pairs of children's weibo in management. LouZhongPing also interested in buying last year, through the "bargain" services such as booked a lot of food. Experience the fun it after, he suggested that family, all commodities are accomplished through group buying. LouZhongPing recently read "jobs", promotes to absorb all our advantage is his usual hobby. Although is running to 50 people, but he was still in try all sorts of new things.

  As a founder of LouZhongPing energetic, management of products and comprehensive control, social experience. Times have changed, however, he admitted that he is but the young in many fields. He is more long-term thinking.

  On September 13, 2011, held its second strategic transformation of double child LouZhongPing conference, issued the next five-year plan. "Continuous innovation, two DaiChuanCheng, reengineering managers" became the three big goal the next five years.

  At the conference, LouZhongPing in detail the double to produce high value-added business product line, he personally analysis and feasibility of exotic straws to employees and can use external r&d strength. His goal is to achieve creative straw sales accounted for 60% of total sales. He openly about the succession problem of double child, he was too old, the transition to young people. But not the possibility of a succession of a pair of his sons and daughters, and the particularity of the industry determines the airborne professional managers is unlikely. He plans from a pair of children's existing employees cultivate a professional manager team, as his successor.

  At the conference, he also told employees industry present situation and the macro economy is analyzed in detail, once again stressed that "only do straw business" determination.

  And lots of zhejiang businessmen questioned voice, he spoke to. LouZhongPing especially in the global times, published an article called "don't demonize zhejiang corporation". He pointed out that although China's manufacturing industry enjoy a demographic dividend will soon the past, the financing environment is not optimistic, but "China's manufacturing industry is more than the so-called emerging economies competitive, I have no doubt that."

  LouZhongPing recently are busy drafting a straw industry international standards. This is the lead to establish industry standards, national standards, double child once again leap.

  "A lot of developed countries have so a group of businessmen, their family business hundreds of years only producing a commodity, but it can make this product a work of art, luxury goods." LouZhongPing told reporters: "I was to do such a businessman."