Independent packing, elastic straw relatively safe


  The original title: independent relatively safe packing, elastic straw

  Summary | recently, according to CCTV "weekly quality report" report, recently, in jiangsu province quality inspection department of wholesale markets, supermarkets, stores, catering enterprises of 100 batches of plastic straw carried out a census, more than fifty percent of plastic straw fluorescence material, plasticizer, azo dyes and heavy metal pose a safety hazard. More than sixty percent of the plastic straw belong to 3 without the product. In ruzhou, the reporter visited found that sells on the market of formal plastic straw does not see more, the plastic straws used by vendors, low-cost straw is a colorful, more colorful.

  Event | straw selectiving examination in one hundred, fifty percent have hidden trouble, sixty percent are neutral

  According to the weekly quality report, in selectiving examination by the quality inspection department of jiangsu province in 100 batches of plastic straws, nearly thirty percent plastic straws do not conform to the national standard, more than fifty percent of plastic straw fluorescence material, plasticizer, azo dyes and heavy metal pose a safety hazard. At the same time, in the spot, there are 31 batches of plastic straw without any marks, 38 batches without QS logo, strictly speaking, there are more than sixty percent of the plastic straw belong to 3 without the product. These 3 without plastic straws in the event of quality problems, human rights will have trouble.

  Test results showed that 56% of the plastic straw were detected containing azo dye and heavy metal exceeds bid, have 39% of the straw with mobility of fluorescent material. If the long-term use of these colorful, heavy metal exceeds bid of straws, heavy metals will be accumulated in the body, may cause harm to the body's nervous system and bone system. At the same time, if the fluorescent material deposited in the body for a long time, will bring the risk of cancer.

  In addition, the detection of plastic straw evaporation residue problem is more outstanding, also not qualified rate reached 19%. Evaporation residue is encountered in the process of plastic straws in the use of fruit juice, acidic beverages, vinegar, oil, wine and other liquid chemical precipitation. Evaporation residue index is higher, the greater the damage to health, especially for chips are affected more by children and adolescents.

  The survey | street snack bar drinks store straws tend to be cheap

  Yesterday, the river news reporter visited the ruzhou north. Several commodities after more than downtown department stores and supermarkets, did not find these shops, supermarkets in the sales of plastic straw.

  Reporter then visit the city part of street food and drink shop and found that in addition to the individual liquor stores use is to have independent packing straw, most other shop to customers is no independent packaging, colorful, colorful straws, only with a transparent plastic bag, do not have any information on the outer packing.

  Reporter longitudinal cut open a from the stands on the straws, just by the naked eye can see attached a layer of white powder material on the pipe wall. A snack vendor told reporters, they use more straw from zhengzhou, luoyang, wholesale, and some from the online store to purchase, dozens, hundreds in each package, just need one or two yuan.

  Remind | independent relatively safe packing, elastic straw

  According to the weekly quality report, from the point of purchase channels, testing personnel statistics found that 69% risk in online shopping straw, 50% risk in samples of department stores, supermarkets, wholesale markets samples purchased 46% risk, catering enterprises there is a 43% risk. From the perspective of probability, shopping straw only about three in 10 a risk-free, and entity risk probability is half right and half in the shop, restaurant industry use straws risk is relatively low.

  Aiming at the existing problem of straw, should how to identify, how to choose and buy again? , reported in the weekly quality report of lianyungang city, jiangsu province quality inspection center, said chief cwi Zhou Xiang discern the stand or fall of straw, can distinguish by simple heating experiments, such as straw can be heated to 80 ℃ smells odour, if there is a clear plastic taste, that is not good. At the same time, also can use simple combustion experiments to identify, if produce black smoke the material is bad.

  In addition, according to the Zhou Xiang, straw of choose and buy, the first to look at the seal of straw packaging, as far as possible choose sealing good; Second is to choose the independent packing straw, the straw on health assured; Finally, don't choose without elasticity, ten percent of straw, the straw quality is poor.