The customer has chosen us again after purchasing Korean equipment!


The customer purchased three U-shaped pipe production lines from our company in 2013. We sent two senior engineers to come and install the equipment, as well as a one week employee training. As the order volume grew, the Vietnamese customer felt that labor costs were increasing and hoped to purchase machines with higher levels of automation. In 2014, they spent a high price to import a high-speed pipe bending machine and a U-shaped packaging machine from South Korea. This production line from South Korea does not require manual labor from pipe bending to U-shaped packaging. However, during the one-year operation, the Vietnamese customer frequently encountered problems. A small pipe jam would cause the entire line to stop running, and the problem of high-speed pipe bending machine forming needles easily breaking also caused the production line to stop running frequently. The customer's orders could not be completed in time. In addition, the high operating costs of high-speed pipe bending machines also forced customers to rethink. Later, the customer approached us again. This time, we took the Vietnamese customer to visit our well managed customer's factory in China. When he saw that a worker could easily operate 3-4 pipe bending machines, the U-shaped pipe packaging machine, combined with the use of fully automatic packing machines, was very efficient. He decisively placed an order and once again cooperated with us. He also purchased several U-shaped pipe production lines from our company one after another! Now the factory management of this Vietnamese customer is getting better and better, and the orders are also increasing.