Success Case 2


This factory was established in 2000, with a small scale and low production efficiency. With the increase in labor wages and the increasing demand for straw quality from users, the company's profits are also decreasing! Therefore, the factory hopes that we can help them improve their management level, reduce manufacturing costs, and improve product quality

Based on the actual on-site investigation, our company has put forward suggestions for rectification, rearranged the layout of water, electricity, and gas pipelines, and reasonably divided the flow of people and logistics. A batch of inefficient equipment has been eliminated, and auxiliary equipment that does not match production capacity has also been replaced. We have successively renovated the U-shaped pipe packaging machine production line and equipped it with a fully automatic box placement machine. At the same time, we have trained operators and mechanics in their job skills. After training, mechanics can ensure the normal high-speed operation of the machine, and each operator can operate 3-4 pipe bending machines. At the same time, we also helped our clients establish an ISO9001 management system

The project was completed from August 2013 to August 2014