Successfully exported equipment to the UK


Due to the labor-intensive nature of straws, our clients have always been concentrated in underdeveloped countries such as Asia, Africa, and the Americas, where labor is relatively cheaper. When I received an inquiry from a customer in Birmingham, UK, I was very surprised. This is a beverage manufacturing company that purchases straws from India every year. However, due to frequent issues with detecting bacteria and exceeding heavy metals in straws, the UK customer wants to know the equipment and process required for straw production in order to determine whether self production is feasible. In the email and phone conversation, we showed the customer equipment videos, introduced the production process of straws, and provided detailed information on raw materials, packaging materials, and required auxiliary equipment. We also accounted for the customer's straw manufacturing costs. After understanding everything, the customer felt that they produced straws with minimal equipment investment, and the cost of straws was much lower than those imported from India.

After the equipment arrived in Birmingham, the customer sent an invitation letter to install and debug the equipment, and we sent one engineer to provide installation training.