Jie Yang machinery: self-developed automatic small tube packing machine


Nanjing jie Yang machinery limited liability company is a design, production processing plastic packing machinery enterprise, from many years engaged in mechanical design, production processing and straw drinking straw of elite, has a perfect quality guarantee system. The company has the first-class after-sales service and production of straw of the whole process technology and quality control in the whole process of training experience. All products passed the ISO9001 and CE certification.

Through the tireless efforts of technical personnel, the company in the plastic products of science and technology direction of the industry has made great achievements, its research and development of automatic small tube packing machine to fill the domestic blank. The company take honestly as this, in the spirit of innovation to forge ahead, continue to strengthen technology research and development ability, improve product quality and performance, the high quality service to meet customer demand.

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High quality products recommended: nanjing jie Yang JY01 pearl milk tea suction machine

Product pictures:

Brand: nanjing jie Yang

Model: JY01

Details: JY01 pearl milk tea straw machine (small pipe extrusion machine)

Brief introduction:

01 series pipe or profile extrusion production line and head, vacuum system and cooling device of traction device and rotary cutting device or part, such as winding device with multicolor co-extrusion, three color co-extrusion, double-color coextrusion and monochrome extrusion production line etc. Various specifications.


◆ Products wide range of application: food industry drink straw, ice cream bars, candy bar, etc.; Other industrial applications: ballpoint pen, pencil, Nozzle straws, rod tube, medical tube, all kinds of toys, threading pipe, tube, small mechanical system, etc., and other industrial applications.

◆ This production line is simple, just one operator the whole production line.

◆ Cut a variety of forms: 90°/90°、90°/45°、90°/60°、45°/45°、60°/60°

◆ Production stability, wide color optional: color/Colors: monochrome, two-color, three color or polychromatic striped straight or spiral color bar.