China opens the road of industrial 4.0 Intelligent machines is leading the charge



  In recent years, the state advocates transformation and upgrading of industries, and boost manufacturing digital, networked, intelligent, robot has become the world's largest market in our country. However, China's industrial robot has only about 30 per ten thousand people, less than half the world's average level. Has clearly need to consolidate the basis of the remaining areas of the board need to improve, the potential for "substitution" machine also.

  Machine substitution plan will spread across the country

  In recent years, the state advocates transformation and upgrading of industries, and boost manufacturing digital, networked, intelligent, robot has become the world's largest market in our country. However, China's industrial robot has only about 30 per ten thousand people, less than half the world's average level. Has clearly need to consolidate the basis of the remaining areas of the board need to improve, the potential for "substitution" machine also. Much early planning, seize opportunities, develop the robot industry, promote healthy development of the manufacturing industry.

  In the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta and other labor-intensive industries area, with the traditional advantage such as demographic dividend gradually disappear, faced with the transformation of large pressure, hope that through the industrial robot has greatly improve the labor productivity of industrial enterprises. In march, the foreign trade export big province of guangdong issued "three years of industrial transformation and upgrading of tough action plan", through the implementation of the "machine substitution" plan is put forward, with automobile and motorcycle manufacturing, home appliances, hardware, electronic information, textile and garment, civil and building materials industry as the key point, promote the industrial robot application demonstration, 2017 by the end of 2017 to promote industrial enterprises above designated size in "machine substitution". Around to seize opportunities, guangdong guangzhou city is put forward, in 2020 to foster machine form the annual output of 100000 units (sets) of industrial robot and intelligent equipment in the production scale, the city more than 80% of the application of industrial robot and intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprises; Referred to as a "world factory" in dongguan, in 2020, to the city's industrial equipment industry output value of intelligent robot is doubled, reaching 70 billion yuan. Shanghai to the robot industry reach 20 billion yuan, 2015 reach 60 billion yuan to 80 billion yuan in 2020. Shanghai is also planning to increase by an annual rate of 30% over the next five years robot application number above, average more than 3000 units, an annual increase of robot more than five new robot demonstrate application of the production line.

  In order to to support of intelligent robot industry, many places still from the financial policy, talent, etc. Such as approval of zhejiang vocational and technical college set up a new industrial robot technology professional, will start enrollment in September this year. Guangdong foshan tax scale within two years to put into production in 10 million yuan of above industrial robots enterprise, to give a one-off reward 5 million yuan. As one of the world's largest beverage companies, wahaha group also developed put straw robot, packaging robot, etc., and prepare to buy one or two key layout of overseas have robots manufacturer, the equipment manufacturing industry development.

  The world has entered the intelligent and networking era, opened a new space for the economic development, injected new impetus. The development of robot industry, has only just begun.

  Policy to force, industry wide intelligent robot development opportunities

  Minsheng securities believes that as a typical representative of high-end equipment, before the robotics industry in China is facing some so-called development opportunities. World Robotics, China is expected to become the industrial robot market in 2014, five years 21% CGAR: (1) with high-end equipment manufacturing industry, new energy vehicles as the representative of industrial upgrading, higher requirements for equipment and intelligent; (2) the structural labor shortage era, distribution system reform drive such as labor costs rise, and instead of mechanical products due to technical improvement and cost reduction, such as arc welding workstation by century millions of reduced to around 500000 today), industrial robots replace artificial process will speed up, such as foxconn frequent comments mass use of robots.

  The intelligent manufacturing huatai securities believes that the Internet is the optimal direction of the future upgrades, integration software, electronics, control, mechanical four areas, will completely change made in China. "2025" is to promote intelligence and information technology upgrades, is not only a automation. Automation equipment is more important significance is that will produce large amounts of data, help the current decision-making and forecasting the future, in product development and manufacturing, product design and manufacturing, product quality and effective management system in three aspects of the closed loop. Relying on the Internet industry and big data applications, the person, machine, material, ring, the five elements more transparent and predictable, improved production efficiency.

  The personage inside course of study is generally believed that the robots the size of the market in China will develop rapidly over the next two years is expected to exceed one trillion yuan, the demographic dividend, with manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading as well as the implementation of the "made in China 2025", has brought the industrial robot important opportunity of development, industry is expected to usher in explosive phase, market awareness of robots will also increase, a large number of the industrial robot is expected to be favored by the funds of listed companies, facing long-term investment value.

  On the choice of investment target, because industry demand for sustainable growth and investment opportunities will exist for a long time, advice to focus on five companies: first, the core technology and integrated applications have first-mover advantages in the industry leading enterprises; Second, is stepping up its development layout, conquer the core parts of enterprises; Third, good management or channels of enterprises; Fourth, the enterprise of the automation; Fifth, good transformation based company.

  Changjiang securities pointed out that in 2014 China's industrial robot sales growth of 54%, more than market expectations. Subsequent positive policy (2025, robot much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning, etc.) made in China is expected to continue, "Internet + manufacturing" push industry boom. Robots are Chinese version of the industrial automation 4.0 one of the most important tools, leading enterprises will usher in huge opportunities for development.

  Stocks profile

  When the new robot business forefront, prototype with certain Internet + platform

  In 2014, the company since the research of industrial robots, achieve the annual sales income 20 million yuan, an increase of nearly 2 times, product into yunda shares, and open to environmental protection, homelite elevator enterprises. At the same time, the performance of the for 37 million yuan xing 14 years commitment also smooth realization, its in September 14 years into the table, and contribution to the income of nearly 60 million, during its product batch into 3 c enterprises such as gree, byd. The future is expected to pass to xiao enjoy the glory of acquisition, build up "from the key core components, ontology, and the engineering application of the complete robot industry chain structure. In April 2015, the company's robot APP resource integration platform is launched, aims to explore the construction of robot + Internet platform for the project implementation, to robot business O2O innovation model, structures, customers, suppliers, engineering unit highly integrated business development platform. Reported for January 2015 quarterly net profit increased by 13%, increased by 5% to 20%, in 2014 also launched 10 turns five stocks sent 1.7 yuan bonus scheme, short-term price hit a record high, the good direction.

  Er han yu stamping robot sales good

  Robot with sichuan science and technology of the stamping products recent market feedback is good, has been completed at the beginning of a predetermined sales plan in the first quarter, at present, the company is accelerating help them to solve the bottleneck problems of processing capacity. In the second half, with the sichuan science and technology will also launch five axis, six samples of shaft type industrial robots. Company shares this year from Jan. 12, 39.32 yuan on May 6, all the way up to 56.09 yuan/share, run lose the same stocks rose.

  Hongfa co established robot branch

  Hongfa equity holdings subsidiary macro power proposed xiamen hongfa industrial robots, is committed to high-grade coil production line and non-standard automation equipment research and development. Future hongfa robot will be the first to try to improve industrial 4.0 strategy hongfa itself, in the field of relay, low voltage apparatus further automation level of ascension, at the same time also will gradually foreign sales, become the automation equipment in the field of low voltage electrical appliances enterprise, makes the low voltage electric field is the most excellent industrial enterprise 4.0.

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