Five tips to increase water intake in summer You can drink more through a straw


  The original title: five tips to increase water intake in summer You can drink more through a straw

  Tencent sports inquiry Summer arrived, along with the arrival of summer, high temperature, damp weather and an active outdoor lifestyle are followed, the weekend we can relax on the beach or swimming pool. Although we often in the water, but in fact we usually for water intake is still insufficient.

  Adequate water intake is the key to good health, good mentality and movement, especially for a runner. Today let's talk about how to make more water in the whole day.

  After pregnancy will realize the need more water, a steady stream of water. But as a runner, and each movement will lose a lot of fluids and electrolytes. Sometimes when we feel hungry would want to have a glass of water, here are five tips that can make us get more water every day.

  1. The electrolyte

  Electrolyte is not enough, easy to cause cramping, movement of electrolytes drink sports drinks is the most convenient way. Have added to the fragrance is more likely to let you drinking a glass of water, you can pick out a multitude of products in the market really good, clean, pure natural flavor drink. So you won't add more water, but can you added these through the sweat off the essential of electrolyte. Look for drinks with no artificial colors are very important.

  2. The straw

  It seems stupid, but when you use a straw to drink water when you drank more likely than direct drinking water. Drink through a straw in your mouth there is no air, no air suction mouth, so the same, the actual intake is different, much more of a straw, so the feeling of a straw fast.

  3. The fruit and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)

  Simply add some fruit and traditional Chinese medicine into the cup is a good way, can make the water more attractive. You can put lemon, lime, cucumber or strawberry slices into the cup, can also try to add fruit ice water, strawberry, raisins, even the first piece of frozen ice watermelon, these fruits transfer as ice blocks and sweet delicious flavours, as they melt, the taste of water is also more attractive. Will be added to the water, mint or basil refreshing taste will become after a night of it.

  4. Big jars and beautiful out of the bottle

  Drinking vessels also will increase the desire of people to drink water, filtered water pitcher in the fridge, add sliced cucumbers, mint, berry, or sliced lemon and lime. Each time you open the refrigerator will remind yourself a drink, you would think they look so beautiful, good taste delicious. Aquarius is also constantly reminds you to drink water tool, insist on putting a bottle in your car, and welded to purse as moment, so that you will continue to have the idea of drinking water.

  5. For carbonated beverages

  In the evening I found myself drink so much water, but incredibly still want to add some carbonated drinks, find that a few air bubbles. Switch to the sparkling water glass, it feels like a completely different drinks. Will try to buy a perfume (but to see if add pigment or artificial flavor) beverages, everyone has a favorite brand. But carbonated drinks in addition to let a person feel a burst of frank, does not contain trace elements, the sweat after a weak body did not help. (rock)