It is very important to drink water way Suction cup to drink water more scientific


  Some people like to "go", while drinking water is plump plump a drink a full. But in the eyes of the researchers, the generous way of drinking water is not science, especially for the elderly body function decline gradually, disposable drinking lots of water will increase the stomach burden. Experts said that the elderly water should be a few times, and the suction cup volume big but don't drink too much, more suitable for the old way of drinking water.

  Jiangnan times reporter Wang Yingda

  Experts recommend the use of sippy cups

  Survey, 74.9% of people drink less than 6 times a day, the amount of water and 84.6% average at more than 200 ml (equivalent to two cups of water of disposable cups.

  "Suggested way of drinking water is a few times." Organ at the provincial level in jiangsu province hospital urology department director of the photo reminds, distributing the total 2000 ml of water to drink in a day, 200 ml each time.

  "In the European and American countries, no matter where, even in a meal, will put a cup on the table, drink lots of water during meals, but not the Chinese habit." The photo suggest that can use the "sports water bottle" this way, "small bottle, such a won't drink too much, large volume, a cup of containers that can hold about 600 ml, such two bottles a day is enough." The photo said, with the same is true with suction cup.

  At the same time, the old man in front of the drinking water, according to 500 ml of water in the proportion of 20 g 1 g of salt or glucose, configured to light salt water or light sugar water to drink, that quickly into the blood stream water, sodium chloride, water remains in the blood, help dilute the blood, the effect of reducing blood viscosity, thus solving the problem of autumn dryness, intestines and stomach bad, etc. But suffering from high blood pressure and lack of exercise of the old man, don't recommend add salt in the water.

  The old man drinking water to small mouth slowly drink

  Drink water too fast too quickly will virtually swallow a lot of air together, easy to cause hiccups or abdominal distention, so it's best to water contained in the mouth, again slowly drink, especially the gastrointestinal frail elderly, drink water more should be eaten mouthful drink slowly.

  A lot of people out of the shower feel thirsty to drink off the cup. The photo reminded, the elderly physique weaker, heart to bear ability not strong young man. Especially after washing a hot bath, the body is heated vasodilation, blood flow increases, the heart beating faster than usual, drinking water should be especially careful. Best small mouth slowly drink a cup of warm water, otherwise easy to increase the burden of the heart.

  After the old man in the sports, unfavorable also disposable drinking lots of water. Because of gastrointestinal blood vessels was contracting at this moment, need a recovery process. If immediate drinking lots of water, water accumulation in the gastrointestinal tract, can lead to a bloated, affect the digestion. Better in a few minutes, such as the heart beats a little smooth, then nibbling chocolates to drink warm boiled water. When drinking water, try to keep speed smooth, drinking frequency and heart rate close to best, intermittent several times to drink again. In this way, can make the heart regularly, smoothly absorbed into the body of water.

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