Choose healthy straws have a coup


  Jiangsu province pledges inspect bureau organization has launched a "census" straw quality. From the test results, spot check of hundreds of straws half to be of poor quality, especially the colorful straws is colorless straws are more at risk, with 39% of the color straws contain fluorescent agent, poisonous and harmful material such as heavy metals, banned azo dyes.

  Here, zhejiang jiaxing inspection and quarantine bureau staff for the vast number of consumers to choose healthy straws action:

  Try to avoid the choose and buy high color straw color colorful straws are using color to cover up the truth of the secondary recycling system. Illegal businessmen and mixing all kinds of waste plastic straws, cleaning will not bring heavy metal pollution, high color straws containing plasticizers and fluorescent material is also more risky. If you can't avoid using color straws, don't used to eat too hot hot drinks.

  Use colorless straws and one-time qualified, but also be colorless transparent straw products. Made of secondary recycled material colorless straws, through careful observation is able to tell. This kind of second-hand colorless straw color hair white hair bright, and have impurities or black spots on the wall tube, colorless straws to give up like this.

  Buy a straw must focus on composition Making straw must be used according to the relevant provisions of the state without plasticizer material of plastic, is commonly used food packaging grade polypropylene, commonly known as PP plastic. Only this material contains no plasticizer, is healthy. In addition, but also look for the "QS" mark on the outer packing, apart without irritating odor smell straw after packaging, in order to judge of straw. (Chen Wenjing)