Yiwu international packaging, printing and plastic industry exhibition is held ceremoniously


  Nowadays many enterprises face labor shortages, wages and raw material prices and profits decline in overall, this grim situation to promote enterprises to speed up the transformation and upgrading, through the use of automation technology and equipment to improve production efficiency, energy saving and emission reduction, save raw materials and solve the problem of labor shortage, so as to improve the production process and improve the goal of profit.

  In this situation, by the people's government of zhejiang province to Hong Kong adsale exhibition services co., LTD., dedicated to the "2013 China (yiwu) international packaging, printing and plastic industry exhibition" today (Nov. 19) in the grand opening of yiwu international exhibition center, show the industry's latest technology, to satisfy the zhejiang, and Yangtze river delta enterprises, printing on packing and plastic products manufacturing industry upgrading transformation needs. Four days of exhibition will be held until November 22 (Friday), the exhibition area of 8000 square meters, more than 150 companies, is expected to attract more than 10000 Chinese and foreign professional buyers to be present to inspect and purchase the latest equipment and technology.

  Professional audience and brand exhibitors converge, upgrade the equipment needed to respond to the business

  To attract audience eyes, carefully prepared, many exhibitors to display their main exhibits. Shanghai cosette Ming automation, automation system co., LTD., to help enterprises to reduce Labour costs, 64 cavity folding scoop automation of complete sets of systems, the much improperness mold greatly improve production efficiency, complete automation solutions effectively solve the product withdrawal, folding, plastic sealed packaging process; Plastic machinery co., LTD., zhejiang branch force on high-performance SZCX300/70 x injection blow molding machines, which USES the domestic industry unique mechanical structure, the production efficiency greatly improved, the machine performance to achieve mass production, applied in the production of high-end plastic packaging industry. As well as many well-known exhibitors at home and abroad, including the sea, powerful, country shuanglin, Xiao horse, shui chong wei, Ryan hin industry, the state Thai, is smooth, wenzhou XinGuang, hengfeng, zhejiang Fang Bang, CST, big red, DE light, Beijing conti, casting letter, lianguan companies such as strong appearance, to show users the latest technology and equipment.

  The organizers to help exhibitors buyers to build quality business platform, the key to launch the global buyers to invite VIP buyers plan, strategy and get warm response to buyers at home and abroad. Abroad, attracting buyers from more than 50 countries and regions in the online pre-registration visit, including the United States, Britain, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, etc.; Domestically, ushered in the number of the printing, packaging, plastic and food and beverage and other terminal enterprises and organizations of buyers, more than 100 enterprises in more than one thousand people to the delegation to visit the exhibition, such as: zhejiang province association of old enterprises, Shanghai plastic industry association, wenzhou packaging federation, association of yiwu printing association, yiwu food production quality and safety, yiwu stationery industry association, yiwu electronics industry association, yiwu lishui chamber of commerce, yiwu, yiwu mold association, huangyan taizhou chamber of commerce mold association, yiwu city general merchandise industry association, ningbo plastic industry association, ningbo lighting electrical industry association, taizhou plastic industry association, taizhou jiaojiang printing industry association, wenzhou lucheng printing association, shi tyrone plastic city and many visitors association members, communication with exhibitors at the scene, their participation will bring more business opportunities to exhibitors.

  Wonderful activity to discuss same plastic energy saving and automation technology, intelligent touch printing and packaging

  From industrial production to food and clothing live line, the plastic products has been into every corner of the society. As people the concept of energy saving and environmental protection gradually thorough, the raw material for plastic products, production has more and more high request. At the same time, automation technology research, application and promotion, has also had a profound effect on the plastic industry. As a result, the organizers in the exhibition opening day (November 19) held ceremoniously "BBS" 2013 east China plastic energy saving and automation technology development, BBS, please representative association of suppliers, producers, and other issues on this share, explore how to save energy and raw material saving, how to combine automation application technology to improve productivity and industrial efficiency, ensure product quality, etc. Overwhelming response, full. Qin Jianwang speakers including Shanghai plastic industry association secretary-general Zheng Kai, synthetic resin in China supply and marketing association secretary-general, wham barton phil mechanical equipment (Shanghai) co., LTD. Liu yi, director of sales, Haitian machinery group co., LTD. Forest regeneration, Haitian international fiat long molding machine application technical director, Shanghai wynn tape industry co., LTD. / Liu Xiaoli vice President and chief technology officer in Shanghai plastic products factory of 18 Chen Yuehua factory director.

  In addition, in the second day (Nov. 20) will also be held "new ideological trend of embracing the world feeling printing - China printing workshop tour". Meeting will follow industry trends, feeling "crossover" charm, arouse the intelligent technology application in the field of printing and packaging of concern and attention. Such as: innovation of CTP technology, packaging solutions, the future of the label after printing, mould labeling, such as theme, will focus on display at the scene of the meeting may bring disruptive innovations to the printing industry of new technology, new products, new pattern. Speakers including wenzhou packaging federation secretary general of wasabi, screen (China) co., LTD. M jersey friend bo, general manager assistant, konica minolta office system (China) co., LTD hai-dong, konica minolta digital printing business department vice minister is embellish machinery co., LTD., wenzhou Wu Yingyi marketing director, du (China) machinery co., LTD Fan Simin Ye Linhong and Kang Ding machinery trade co., LTD., general manager of the general manager.

  Convenient traffic to attract visitors into

  Exhibition of professional audience free admission, during the exhibition, the organizers for the convenience of travel, buyers in the transportation, reception, etc, also make the corresponding arrangement, specially set up in several car pick up buyers direct pavilion, buyers from yiwu, yiwu international trade city, railway station to the exhibition site, all can enjoy free shuttle bus service provided by the organizers. Free bus cycle time, buyers do not need to register then get on the bus.

  The site will also be a daily ritual activities at the same time, all the people who came to the audience will get a nice gift, gift is rich, every day is different. The other will take 30 selected lucky day, every day to lucky to win the audience.

  In addition, the audience can browse the exhibition's official website, http://www.YiwuPPP.com/, for more event details, to master the latest exhibition information, such as seminars, technical seminars and press release etc., and can be practical data, such as show map, transportation, hotel accommodation, etc.

  China (yiwu) international packaging, printing and plastic industry exhibition "yiwu international equipment manufacturing industry exposition" as an important exhibition at the same period, and will speed up the introduction of international advanced equipment and technology, promote the domestic equipment manufacturing technology and product sales, to expand exports. In attracting buyers, cooperation with the provincial government to strengthen domestic industries association, contribute to the transformation and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry in zhejiang province.

  "China (yiwu) international packaging, printing and plastic industry exhibition" sponsored by the people's government of zhejiang province, zhejiang province economic and information commission, department of commerce, department of science, the municipal people's government of zhejiang province, zhejiang province, yiwu city people's government, and to undertake, such as Hong Kong adsale exhibition services co., LTD., to transform and upgrade packaging, printing and plastic enterprises in east China the increasing market demand, innovative technology, on November 19 solstice 22, 2013 was held in zhejiang yiwu international exhibition center.

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