Experts say "color plastic straws heavy metal exceeds bid" false rumours


  Experts say "color plastic straws heavy metal exceeds bid" false rumours

  His color Focus on material

  Beautiful color plastic straws, it may be heavy metal exceeds bid, the less likely the more vivid colors. Recently, the stories about the "straw color easy to heavy metal exceeds bid", on the weibo, WeChat caused wide public concern.

  Whether this statement is true? Reporters through the personage inside course of study to get the answer is, influence the quality and safety of plastic straw is mainly qualitative, rather than color.

  The material is about quality and safety

  It is understood that at present our country on the plastic straw production license (QS) system, normal manufacturer production product, the quality and safety have safeguard relatively, and some of the "three noes" (no name address, trade mark, production license number) products, quality and safety of relative cannot be guaranteed.

  The reporter discovers by visiting, look from the color, the disposable plastic straws are mainly monochrome (white) and two color, which color plastic straw color variety, appearance more beautiful; Look from the appearance, plastic straws are different. Also has bigger difference is, some plastic straw packaging exquisite, complete information, but there are also many simple plastic straws, belong to "3 without" product. In general, business super, and well-known brands catering units, are more formal, sale and use of plastic straws has obvious QS logo and code; And some of the market circulation of the plastic straws and a market stall, "3 without" product is common.

  "The quality is good, there is no direct link with the color of the plastic straw, bright color is heavy metal exceeds bid, is groundless." Zhejiang yiwu double child daily necessities co., LTD. (double), chairman and general manager LouZhongPing told our reporter.

  Pairs of children is the world's largest manufacturer of drinking straw, a year's output accounts for more than a quarter of the global demand for straw, successively took on a number of industry standards, the drafting of the national standard and international standard work. LouZhongPing tells a reporter, the color of double child straw products are sold both in domestic and foreign markets, not by the market, because of the color rejected. In fact, not only straws, other plastic tableware, such as plates, bowls, etc., also have a lot of color. Really affect the quality and safety of plastic straw, is used by countries banned in back to the material and dyes used in industry, this product is very easy to heavy metal exceeds bid and decoloring.

  According to introducing, due to the characteristics of the plastic itself and the using demand of the plastic straw, plastic straws are basically consists of polypropylene (PP) as the main raw materials processing and manufacturing. Straw color with monochromatic straws difference, also need to add the corresponding pigment. In accordance with national requirements, the production of plastic straw, must use the raw material of polypropylene and consumption level of pigment, shall not use recycled plastic material (back) and industrial-grade dye color.

  LouZhongPing revealed that for reasons of cost, some enterprises have adopted cheaper back material and industrial dye, this kind of material is polypropylene, but because of its origin are extremely complex, including electronic waste, medical waste, probably adhesion of heavy metals in waste, easy to cause the final plastic straw finished heavy metal exceeds bid. And use cheap industrial dye, also can cause problems, straw fade even after 80 ℃ above water immersion will rub off, the vast majority of "3 without" product will appear this kind of problem.

  "Our country has clear rules for the material of plastic straw, absolutely not allowed to use material for production." National plastic products quality supervision and inspection center (fuzhou), assistant director of Chen Huan tells a reporter, from the perspective of quality inspection, and not for back to the material or the detection of raw material, it is hard to through test to determine the raw materials of plastic straw, practice is tested through physical and chemical safety and other health indicators, to determine whether the quality of the plastic straw qualified and safe. Before the test, from the center south main using monochromatic straws overall quality is good.

  "3 without" product use caution

  It is understood that in the early 1990 s, the original issued by the ministry of health in the health food with plastic products and raw materials management measures for the specified in article 7, "every processing plastic tableware, containers, food packaging materials, etc., shall not use recycled plastics". Later, our country and on the plastic straw production license (QS), manufacturing enterprises must obtain related products production license issued by the quality supervision department, the straw on the outer packing should be printed with name, hygiene license, etc., also have specific requirements in terms of temperature resistance, only printing the "QS" logo of the straw can be sold on the market.

  National plastic products standardization technical committee secretariat of a head tells a reporter, for polypropylene plastic straw, as early as 2009 in our country has built up the national standard "polypropylene drinking straw" (GB/T 24693-2009), and to the requirements of the health indicators, and the relevant mandatory national standard "food packing polypropylene molding product health standard" (GB 9688-1988). Other material of straw, have corresponding general compulsory standards "plastic disposable tableware general technical requirements" (GB 18006.1 2009).

  Reporter noted that in the national standard of polypropylene drinking straw health indicators, execution is the food packing polypropylene molding product health standard "requirements. In "the plastic disposable tableware general technical requirements," for polypropylene material products, also implement the food packing polypropylene molding product health standard "indicators, other materials are also have the same health standards, such as polyethylene material products, such as the implementation of the mandatory national standard GB 9687.

  LouZhongPing said, plastic straws are small, but is closely related to every life. Our country's at present plastic straw was more complete standard system and management system, but now due to a large number of "3 without" products flooding the market, and even become a "mainstay", it's on the one hand, the "good money after bad money" phenomenon, make some obtained the production license (QS) enterprises are unable to get a good market share; On the other hand, due to most of the "3 without" product quality more or less safe hidden trouble, adverse to the health of consumers, should be used carefully, strengthen supervision. "Chinese quality newspaper

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