A few li money do hidden champions of straw


  In straw industry, 4 yuan a piece of straw is absolutely luxury goods, yiwu pairs of children's commodities chairman of the board of directors of the company are doing LouZhongPing, straw is the luxury industry.

  When drink will not return with emotional color lovers straws; Can let the baby love to drink water to take medicine, add in rock sugar, plum and so on the function of the solid straws; A suction will sound even light entertainment straw... On LouZhongPing office, there is a pile of magical straws, and four big word "asymmetric" behind it is the soul of the world's largest straw enterprise.

  Straw is the "small" ten thousand yiwu commodity products by FenLi valuation, but LouZhongPing insists on straw rushes out a piece of heaven and earth. Just finished the righteousness of the exposition, the group for the first time the couple straws, windmill straws into chasing target, this several days, double factory is steaming, child labor is increasing mold.

  A straw 500 times the price difference of the secret

  Double child is a hidden champions, hiding in the yiwu area is not large enterprises, factory of the world's largest straw.

  In 2011, sales of double child straw is 160 million yuan, total produced 7000 tons. Every straw, 0.3 grams, about 20 cm long,, 7000 tons of straw end-to-end can the equator more than 114 times around the earth. The world's largest straw company, now is becoming a global innovation ability of the strongest straw production base.

  Double child straw is LouZhongPing after numerous business fail, after back to yiwu in 1991 with 2000 yuan of business. It took him ten years to do the industry leader, but he is not satisfied, a heart in the straw, finally dig out the new development space to straw. A straw to sell less than 8 mm, with good quality and a "Y" love straw retail price of $4 a, the gap behind more than 500 times the pairs of children's staff are all very excited.

  "These new fancy straw now go to retail routes, so the packaging is also very exquisite, including image design. Last August I outsource to other company to do image design, as a result, they still stay in the concept of the straw to drink beverages, after six months nothing, I just took it yourself." LouZhongPing design packaging, please models, promotional photos, will have to open mould, increase production capacity, busy didn't even have time to weibo ligatures.

  International competition at the same time, made in China is to get rid of low-end, inferior label. Double child straw is a microcosm of the change. In many developed countries in one hundred enterprises only focus on a commodity for many years, but this product made into works of art, luxury goods. LouZhongPing said: "I'm going to do such a businessman."

  Creative straws have 27 varieties

  LouZhongPing once very natural and unrestrained, the product is simple, stable orders. Every day he just consider how to put into circulation factory, reduce the cost. When the cost down to cannot be compressed, LouZhongPing began to struggle, how to do this market again big some.

  In 2008, when LouZhongPing in the supermarket when he first saw yunnan baiyao card strips, toothpaste, suddenly a bliss, yunnan baiyao is a one hundred - year - old proprietary Chinese medicine, but it is very smooth transition to care daily consumer goods, especially the new development of toothpaste quickly into a line, has opened a new market.

  Straw practical function is very clear, how to expand its other functions? Through so many countries, what also didn't give LouZhongPing revelation, also want to want, walking, eating, meeting, LouZhongPing suddenly one day find sales to bars and other places of entertainment baffle block type of straw is quite popular, if a straw can give two couples together to drink, that's not very romantic.

  So he personally design, draw a "Y" type of straw interface is a heart, after to find wrong, drink 2 person is health, and ways to improve, in cut and add something like "check valve", after liquid was drawn up, will not return.

  In three years, LouZhongPing rush out of the three new road: temperament, let the straw into the emotional function of vitality, as a communication tool, is one of the most representative couples straws; Functional, LouZhongPing found that children take medicine always is a difficult problem, but so many years and there is no tools can help solve the problem, he invented the ha ha straws, middle of straw, there is a warehouse, can fit into a powder and sugar, so eat while playing, children are not afraid to take medicine; Entertainment, through the design, make a straw toys, cartoon characters, a windmill, and suck up will beep, let the children love to drink water.

  LouZhongPing said, creative straws have 27 varieties, now begin to enter mass production in the end of the year.

  Even for not willing to spend money on a generation, spend four or five yuan to buy a security interesting straws, don't feel you. LouZhongPing tells a reporter, these innovations straw every price is at least 500 times more than ordinary straw.

  Dialogue @ innovators

  Reporter: straw value is very low, and you have to do the world's largest, why don't you choose other product to innovate, and to make an issue of a small straw.

  LouZhongPing: anyone who focus on one area, 5 years can become experts, 10 years may become the authority, can the world's top 15 years. But if you only put 3 minutes, you'll be nothing. I straw for 20 years, if not I most familiar on product innovation, and other products, I can't do better than others. From scratch is difficult, but it is hard for you, to bring you a new larger space.

  Reporter: now imitate enterprise so much, how are you is not easy to innovative products, afraid of being imitation?

  LouZhongPing: if afraid of being imitation and give up innovation, then what all need not do, the straw is not a big problem in the science and technology, easy to imitate, but we need to do safety products, to constantly at the same time, apple has been to imitate, but we also recognize the apple. I want to be a straw the "luxury" of the industry, is willing to consumer groups must pay attention to brand, because it represents the quality and safety, double child was registered in 1995, focusing on a straw for so many years, I'm not afraid to be copied.

  Reporter: I heard that the straws are you own invention, which come so much inspiration?

  LouZhongPing: many of my innovation is a product of "trapped and know", is not how wise. Straw is a partial industry production, can't share, if you want to product innovation, pairs of children's are on their own research and development.