Experts to teach you how to distinguish "problems" straw


  Recently, the voice of China "news network" report, usually people buy the drinks such as soy milk, milk tea, many merchants provided free straw is 3 without the product. A large 16, the reporter visited changchun small commodity wholesale market, found that although the majority of plastic straw packaging are printed on the "QS" logo, but it is incomplete production date and hygiene license, etc.


  Wholesale market most straw logo is not complete

  A large 16, the reporter visited changchun small commodity wholesale market. In many disposable supplies wholesale shop, the reporter sees all kinds of disposable straws after simple packaging, loaded into one bag. Wholesale market of disposable plastic straw mainly have three kinds of models, one is only about 2 mm in diameter of straw, a kind of about 1 cm in diameter thick straw, another is between the coarse fine straw and straw medium straw. In addition to the fine straw is white transparent, straws and medium-sized straw is colourful, what color.

  Watch carefully all kinds of straw packaging, packaging production license and "QS" quality certification mark, the site of factory, executive standard, but the lack of hygiene license, production date, shelf life etc. Open is just a double-sided adhesive stick closed packing sealing, the reporter did not smell the thick plastic, but the straws after bending, a deep impressions for a long time do not disappear.

  According to merchants, different models of straw price is different, the fine straw bags full price of a pack of 100 root packing only 1.2 yuan, the average every 1 cent more; 50 root packing the same price of 1.2 yuan, and the most expensive per package is only 2.5 yuan, an average of five cents a piece.


  The liver, blood, nerve system and other easily damaged

  According to the existing provisions of the state, the production of straw raw materials should be "polypropylene", is the logo on the outer packing PP material. Polyethylene material into food grade and non food grade, food grade of much more expensive than the food grade, so the cost of using different materials of straw.

  "Normal PP material can withstand high temperature above 100 ℃, they won't send out heated plastic taste. Only" 3 without "straws, encounter heat to send out a plastic taste." Plastic processing industry in the industry, "says ms Chen in order to reduce costs, many of the" 3 without "plastic straw production raw materials may be industrial-grade polyethylene, even the recycling of waste plastics. In the process of recycling, if the production process of antivirus treatment does not reach the designated position, so that made straw may cause harm to human body health. And when in use, the poisonous and harmful material in plastic will dissolve in the water, then use for a long time will cause harm to human liver and nervous system, especially after high temperature hot, more harmful to human body. Especially in the production of paint color straw may contain heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, cause harm to liver, kidney, use for a long time even lead to blood disease or neurological disease, affect children's growth and intellectual development.

  To identify

  A "look" two "smell" three "fold, pinch"

  In May 2010 formally implement national standards issued polypropylene drinking straw, disposable plastic straws belongs to food related products, on the outer packing must be "QS" logo, and in accordance with national laws and regulations with the use of the relevant material, producer name and address, etc.

  The personage inside course of study chan suggested, therefore, when choosing a one-time straw, first to "see", see the product packaging production date, shelf-life, production license and QS quality certification marks is readily available, there are no black spots impurities or bubbles in the straw. Then open the packing "smell", have pungent peculiar smell smell whether straw. Finally is "broken" or pinching, with versatile suction, if there is a obvious crease or easy to fracture, straw has a problem. Or pinch the straw to have elastic, if there is no elastic is proved with relatively thin material, poor quality. At the same time, had better not use colorful straws. "The more likely the more vivid colors which contains impurities, because the bright color can sometimes hide some impurities."