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Asymmetric plastic straw aggregates true strength

Asymmetric plastic straw aggregates true strength

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(Summary description)

Asymmetric plastic straw aggregates true strength

(Summary description)

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  After LouZhongPing desk hangs a picture on the wall of the Chinese calligraphy banner: asymmetric. This is he as a double child daily necessities co., LTD., the company's founder and chairman of the board of directors in the past 30 years, following the motto.

  In an interview, he explained that focus on small, is double wins. The pioneer of this unique focus and his innate qualities, helped him put the double child make become the world's largest producer of plastic straws.

  LouZhongPing said, he entered the straws industry is purely a coincidence. He is from yiwu, the famous small commodity wholesale city. Born in poverty, he was often go hungry. In high school was forced to drop out of school after a year and a half, because want parents to other provinces to do small business. This kind of life drift from place to place until he grow up. Before started double tong company, he worked as a 20-30 years old at the age of 14 different job.

  In the 1990 s, he began selling plastic products in yiwu small commodity market, including a toothbrush and a straw. At this time, he found that the straw is potential, decided to invest in establishing his own company. Established in 1994, double the child, he used the Japanese management style change numerous for brief, since then he has the heart without near heron business focus on the development of straw.

  He took out a piece of yellow black-and-white photographs taken was recalled: "when we first started, the company scale is very small. Only my wife and I are two people, a machine, is less than 100 square meters of space." The original production equipment is simple, the workers need to use chopsticks to straw manual into the package.

  In 1994, the LouZhongPing began to use the computer, he described this is an important step to change your life.

  He recalls: "I am a man of China's first access to the Internet. In 1997 we made a web site, through the Internet, our business grow quickly." Companies began exports to the Middle East and Africa, straw, and then exported to the United States.

  After 10 years of accumulation, LouZhongPing in yiwu land, built its own factories, in 2005 moved to new plant. From the initial small operations to large headquarters now, this is a huge leap. Headquarters includes a 12000 - square - meter 10 storeys administrative offices and the staff dormitory, and the workshop 30000 square meters.

  It's not easy to buy land, he says, because no acquaintances in the government. Because of not good at drinking, he at a disadvantage in terms of smooth relations. So when he finally got the land, he said: "I am determined to, must make the best factories in China, the sustainable development of China's most factories."

  At that time, the environment is far from a priority enterprise sustainable development. The government encourages enterprises to rapid development. But LouZhongPing self education and the preference for the Japanese management method, make he invested a lot of interest to the sustainable development of economy and society. He taught himself AdobePhotoshop and Illustrator, formulated the detailed development plan for the factory in person. Regeneration system, including the installation of the water rainwater collection system, the green roof, also built the worker dormitory building, staff dormitory as he proudly said three-star hotel, the hotel also has an outdoor garden.

  LouZhongPing actually, it is not for the sake of environmental protection in the factory to take the sustainable development measures. And he said, was trying to save money.

  He said: "yiwu the terrain, lack of water. Water is high, for 3 to 5 times that of other places. And yiwu land is not much. We thought that it cannot be defined according to the amount of cover an area of our factory, and to pay attention to sustainable development ability of the space, and how to effective use of space."

  Plant construction cost 150 million yuan, after the completion of savings for the company for a lot of utilities. The company's current year profit of $2 million. LouZhongPing "improved" to him or to others "environmentalists" laugh it off. His outspoken views, said: "I don't care about what the government or the media said, I do it just to save money. If the save energy can also save money, it can bring economic benefits."

  Early factory of this strategy is LouZhongPing of 20 years in the company to one of the many smart decision. Pairs of children's success in branding reveals he takes another smart move.

  For most of China's small enterprises, brand building is only a theory, but LouZhongPing attaches great importance to.

  Pairs of children's brand identity design is a cartoon small boy and girl, originally is the local producers have several straw use this logo. But LouZhongPing found the logo has not been registered, so he paid 2000 yuan in 1998 registered the trademark, and then notify other manufacturers can not use the logo. With this logo has long established fame, pairs of children's brand in China's rapid development.

  Branding strategy of double child did not stop there. The company also grasp the opportunities in the nation and the world formulated the industry standard of polypropylene straw. Set the industry standard for double child to the quality reputation popularity all over the world.

  Double child production mostly polypropylene straws, the annual output of more than 8000 tons. The colorful polypropylene resin by extrusion process was processed into a straw. Then through the special bending part of crimping pressure process made from straw, again for packaging, including alone or into a bag.

  LouZhongPing said, for high-end export markets such as Japan and Germany, two children's production biodegradable polylactic acid straw 40 days. He said, adding that the straws of poly (lactic acid) (PLA) production cost is much higher than pp straws, so only 4-5% of its products. He expected, due to the high cost, orders of poly (lactic acid) (PLA) will be reduced.

  In its product line, the proportion of innovation straw occupy much larger. The company owns 140 patents of unique straw products, such as "love couples" straws, available for couples through two pipettes heart connected to share a drink. Double child more than 20% of the production focus on innovation, habits, their price is much higher than ordinary straw. LouZhongPing said, although in the Canton fair booth, foreign clients always interested in innovation straws, but still the main customer base in China.

  Double child's r&d strength, and actively develop new straw design and materials. At present in the development of a product is millet starch as the raw material of straws, this kind of natural biodegradable materials. But after the successful replication basic design elements of straw, straw bending parts have so far failed to obtain a breakthrough.

  Began to be engaged in the export double tong long ago, in 2001, nearly 90% of products exported abroad, mainly exported to Europe and the United States. Due to the straw is very light, so must be mass transport to obtain economic benefits. Double child establish supply with some big customers, including DollarTree, wal-mart, kmart and tesco. But in 2002, his bold decision to end big customer relations of cooperation with the United States. He raise the price, the price centered big customer wouldn't sign a new contract. He said the United States market is very big, but pay attention to the cost too much.

  At present there are 70% of the customers is the double child domestic customers, the company is using its brand awareness to supply supermarkets, upscale restaurants and cafes.

  He said: "what is our biggest client? We don't have the so-called biggest customers." Pairs of children's clients are small customers, but LouZhongPing said, it is more sensible. Starbucks is one of the few several large companies LouZhongPing cooperation. Reconstruction after the customer base, he said, he don't have to worry about wal-mart such big customer demand.

  Japan and Germany, the biggest export market, mainly because of the local customers willing to pay a premium for straw poly (lactic acid) (PLA). The company currently has more than 13000 customers, including B2B and B2C company.

  Automation is LouZhongPing attaches great importance to changes, but the automated production of straw is not easy. He has cut the workforce by nearly half, there are 400-400 workers. Straw production need manual for quality control. His success through strategic planning to cope with the rising cost of Labour. Starting from the construction of the factory, he put employees working conditions listed as priority, and consider the staff in the construction of modern facilities.

  "I did this because I believe that as long as the employees to settle down, then my company will be stable. If I can improve the staff's living standards, it will improve my product standards." His strategy seems to work. LouZhongPing said, only a third of employees in the company will move one or two years later, double child a third of employees have worked here for five years. He actively cultivate talents within the company, and training for young workers, encourage them to take on more responsibility. He plans to provide incentive equity incentive in company in the future.

  LouZhongPing learned in the past 20 years is one of the things, don't be afraid to the economic crisis, and to make up. Double child has weathered the Asian financial crisis in 1997 and in 2008 the global economic crisis, so he had no fear of China's current economic downward trend. He found that every time the economic crisis, polypropylene prices tend to fall sharply, he took advantage of the economic crisis stockpiling raw materials, create a higher profit space.

  LouZhongPing accumulated wealth from the small straw. But for his think straws have become necessities, he himself is not a straw loyal users, it is a bit surprising. He said: "I don't use straws. I don't have the habit."

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