Faster, more stable, more province plastic corrugated pipe production line


  Plastic corrugated pipe production line adopts high speed high efficiency single screw extruder, PE barrel slotted type design, equipped with a low noise fan, high speed reducer of hard-toothed surface. Corrugated tube outer respectively by two independent feed extruder, it can realize the pipe production, using different raw material layers to ensure efficient extrusion;

  Plastic corrugated pipe production line, can be used in the production of OD160 - ID1000 specifications of the single wall, double-wall corrugated pipe (with online flaring), three layer wall corrugated pipe, different shapes and deformed bellows have special requirements, etc.

  The design of the plastic corrugated pipe production line is excellent to bring you the perfect solution:


  Internal forced water cooling pipe molding speed;

  Speed up the module replacement card slot module, one minute can complete a pair of small size module replacement;

  All same standard module center high, speeds up the reproduction of replacement specification after time interval.

  More stable:

  Module path of perfect optimization module to run more smoothly, reducing impact;

  Internal cooling waterway with fixed connection, replace the module without having to remove the interface, to eliminate leakage accident;

  Double hydraulic pressure, double head cutting machine realize automatic cutting, conveying.

  More provinces:

  Perfect waterways, modules, and surface treatment of the comprehensive optimization to reduce the installed capacity of the machine and speed up the production speed, with energy consumption per unit of pipes, such as manpower cost can save 30%.

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