Hot drinking straw should pay attention to


  According to city pledges inspect bureau staff, general plastic products, contain polyethylene and polypropylene, under the condition of high temperature produces harmful substances. "If the long-term use of waste plastics made of straw, is certainly adverse to the body health." Normal plastic straw has the highest temperature limits, and "3 without straw" are likely to use the recycling of waste plastics processing and become, once contact with high temperature, can produce toxic substances, harm to health.

  According to introducing, the newly issued "the plastic disposable tableware general technical requirements", clearly defined for plastic disposable tableware, disposable straws and disposable lunch boxes, plate, cup and so on together. Provisions of the technical requirements of plastic disposable tableware more strict and standard, mainly on strictly the "two imprison" : one is the pass of raw materials. The new standard for the raw material of plastic disposable tableware made special provisions, such as use of resin should be food grade; The dosage of additives shall comply with the terms of GB9685; On the senses may not have a different smell; Colour and lustre is normal; FRP products cannot have crack mouth and filling defects; ...... The second is the pass of the use of performance. New standards are mainly of plastic disposable tableware deviation of volume, weight, drop, cover folded properties are put forward a series of regulatory requirements, especially the heat-resistant properties of the plastic disposable tableware made specific requirements.

  However, for drinks with plastic straws conform to the provisions of the consumption of plastic is "3 without" product, but no one care this problem. Consumers to ignore "3 without" straw quality problem, also to a certain extent, led to the "3 without" straw "run".

  Every morning drink a cup of soya-bean milk is citizen habit of Mr Zhang, recently, but he can't outside for a little straw buy soya-bean milk drink. "To have a drink with a straw, has a strong plastic taste". Mr Zhang suspected, some stalls or beverage store with plastic straws will damage health. Yesterday, the reporter found street some drinks store the straw bags, some belong to "3 without" product.

  Citizens reflect

  Drink soya-bean milk in a plastic taste

  The day before yesterday morning, Mr Zhang near the left door a breakfast shop to buy a cup of hot soy milk, just drink a mouthful of feeling has a funny smell in the mouth.

  "I here almost every day to buy breakfast, soya-bean milk is a little hot that day, on vendor provide direct drink a mouthful of plastic straw, drink is a full plastic taste". Mr Zhang says, soya-bean milk is grinding the vendor site, there should be no problem. He speculated that it must be a straw out of the question. "It tastes a bit like the taste of plastic when it is heated, pulled out a straw to drink soya-bean milk did not taste". Mr Zhang says, sell soya-bean milk the vendor from one without any description in the packing bag of out of straw.

  Citizens like Mr Zhang, Mary also found this problem when drinking hot pearl milk tea, initially suspected milk has gone bad, can draw straws to drink again, found no plastic smell. She said she found on the street selling drinks store, straw and no marks on the package. "Is it safe to the straw, how a heated stock have bad taste?" Mary is very confused.

  The market visit

  "3 without" straw cheap pin faster

  Yesterday afternoon, the reporter visited the city, two large supermarket found pearl straws, pointed mouth drinking straw or spoon straws, artistic straws, on the outside packing bag have explicitly specify the product name, production manufacturers, the site of factory, the production date and shelf life, also indicated the straw materials, heat resistant, resistant to cold temperature, and the production license and hygiene license, etc., packaging and positive "QS" logo.

  Reporters came to the powder lane a drink shop, see a lot of colorful art straw in a cylindrical barrel, as long as have customers to buy, the shopkeeper will randomly take out a piece of, customers also can freely choose color, after such touch again into the mouth, its health really hard to reassuring.

  Reporters came to commercial street, west street is the city god temple for three shops, two of them are selling plastic straws. In the first store, the boss of the box and took out a bag of straw from the ground. "A pack of 3 dollars, this pin faster." Reporter saw, 3 dollars of 30, only on a packaging manufacturers, there is no material and hygiene license, etc. Stand at the gate of the second shop, put the five bags of colourful plastic straws. "This is the straw fluorescent color, 4.5 yuan 100." The owner said. Reporter picked up a bag of straw, found that do not have any information on the outer packing, open the packing, also has a plastic taste.

  Reporter investigation

  People focus on straw health but very helpless

  Small straw was "3 without" product, the reporter understands random interviews with dozens of people, most of the citizens can use straws, at ordinary times mentioned straws to health problems, all think that is very important but also very helpless.

  "These straws toxic, I get to the Internet that inferior plastic straw raw material is recycled to the old bag. Can you say no poison?" "Ming know straw has a problem, but I didn't also way, had to use less as far as possible, or don't have as much as possible."

  Interview, citizens have analysis, because the plastic straw is provided free of charge to customers, so many operators from purchase cost consideration, will choose cheap straws, "it is difficult to guarantee the quality".

  Expert opinion

  The greater the bright color more safe hidden trouble

  These unknown "3 without" plastic straw which can cause harm to human body health? On the issue, the reporter interviewed the international food packaging association secretary general dong jinshi. Dong jinshi, says "3 without" plastic straw, raw material may use is industrial grade polyethylene, or plastic, etc. Long-term use can affect the liver, blood disease or neurological diseases. "3 without" plastic straws, color more bright-coloured, the greater the security hidden danger. "He warns a citizen," 3 without "plastic straw must have quality problem, manufacturers may use paint to cover. Use it once drink juice or hot drinks, with the dissolution of harmful substances and cause harm to human body thereby.

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