Technical articles: a common problem of straws


Many straws on startup, the actual current of the motor is five times higher than the rated above, not only reduce the service life of the motor and also waste more energy. More straw packing machine for motor when the design selection should have a certain margin.

More straw packing machine is a branch of beverage straws in automatic packaging equipment into the bag. . The whole machine by the transmission system, automatic film Zhang Lifang volume device, tube filling device, automatic sealing cutting device, finished product conveyor, etc, this machine has a high degree of automation, production speed can be instead of 10 or more manual operation, saving material and personnel costs, more packaging, bags, filling, packing at one time. Straw packing machine automatic counting can be more convenient and secondary packaging, the packing speed is adjustable, packing number from 2 to 100 arbitrary adjustable, special count specifications can provide corresponding improvement.

More than in the general case, straw packaging mechanical and electrical machine speed is constant, but in the process of actual use, the need to meet the requirements of production at a relatively low or high speed running, so the frequency conversion reform is very necessary. Frequency converter motor soft start can be realized, by changing the input voltage frequency to make it meet the requirements of energy saving control of motor speed, and can provide overvoltage multiple branch of straws, overload, over-current protection function, etc. More straw packing machine, shrinking machine heat up slow or cannot ascend to the provisions of the high temperature, heater circuit is the main power cord through a magnetic switch to electric heat pipe again, so you should check all contact with or without abnormal magnetic switch.

More straw packing machine line is through one of the phase, can appear problem such as heating up slowly. Such as magnetic switch to normal absorption, can check meters, look at each phase and the ohm value is the same of the machine. If all the phase are not unusual but circuit there is still a problem, you will need to replace more than straws of heater to solve it. Straw packing more opportunities to the membrane material, is likely to be the top film deviating from the clip material chain, can adjust the direction of the triangle, the bias clockwise. If is deviating from the clip material chain lower film, as long as the reverse reverse adjust can be solved.