"Cow! Za for straw production all over the world"


  On October 6, international standardization committee convened in new Delhi, India at the 64th annual meeting of the ISO, from China, Thailand, Germany, the United States, Britain and Japan and other 12 countries enterprise and government representatives finally confirmed that the enterprise standard which China and Thailand on behalf of the drafting of the polypropylene drinking straw specification form the final draft international standard. Yiwu double child daily necessities co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as double tong company) in zhejiang province has become the only by a single enterprise to undertake industry standards, national standards and international standards of small and medium-sized enterprises.

  The polypropylene drinking straw specification ISO international standards by ISO international standards committee secretary disciplinary action will be distributed to 117 member states to vote, this standard will come into effect after passed by two-thirds.

  Come into force after the polypropylene drinking straw specification ISO international standards will be a plastic straw industry group production, acceptance, evaluation and global legal basis to resolve disputes.

  At the international standard drafting presidency representative

  In November 2008, the polypropylene drinking straw China national standard, it is borne by the double tong company exclusive drafting tasks, lasted for 3 years.

  Based on considerations of standardization strategy, double tong company to Swiss ISO standardization management agency to apply for the "standard of drinking straw polypropylene" ISO international standards drafting tasks.

  Through four years of efforts, ISO international standards institutions on April 6, 2012 of the "guidelines for polypropylene drinking straw" ISO international standards compilation work of drafting a vote, which passed the two-thirds majority, and approval in China, Thailand, Sweden, France, South Africa, the five countries of "standard of drinking straw polypropylene" international standard drafting committee, double tong company manufacturing companies as the world's most professional straw had been pushing for drafting the presidency on behalf of this international standard.

  Standard drafting committee after the establishment, the double tong company jointly with the national standardization committee expert group, on behalf of the Chinese enterprises in early June 2012 called straw industry more than 10 domestic production enterprises held a "standard of drinking straw polypropylene" international standard domestic group seminars, through the analysis of the enterprise and standard committee of experts attending the meeting to discuss, favorable conditions, decided to adopt the principle of territoriality in China on the basis of the national standard to international standard extension and editing articles, in the largest extent, is conducive to suction pipe industry in China the healthy development of the enterprise.

  International standard 'things

  On September 17, 2012 at the 61th annual meeting of the ISO international standard conference in Barcelona, Spain, dozens of countries sent representatives and experts attended the meeting of the group discussions. Surprisingly, one of which participate in the standard of Thai enterprises on behalf of the dispute, think the time is tight, lead to poor preparation, want to provision deliberation in the next theme, standard drafting the proposal received as this discussion of the Japanese leader's approval. In this way, the group discussion did not review the first draft of the standard submitted by the Chinese.

  Companies want to know after the meeting, the double tong company to Thailand from the Japanese standard of straw products, more standards and one-sided think Japan is more advanced, more scientific.

  Japan straw product standards are published more than 30 years ago, the standard objectively lag, if in accordance with the Japanese standards, easy to form trade barriers in the development of Chinese straw industry, is not conducive to China's straw export status of enterprises in international trade.

  After a period of time, double tong company standard opinions about the Thailand team to communicate fully, finally persuaded the Thai companies on behalf of the Japanese standard route, use Chinese standard route, as far as possible to pinch tightly in the initiative and the rules to Chinese enterprises' hands.

  Reporter asked pairs of children's chairman of the board of directors of the company LouZhongPing: why do the energy and financial resources dedicated to industry standards?

  LouZhongPing chairman said: "the international standard setters are often the dominant in the world multilateral trade, has lead top enterprises, through the standard complex technical standards to protect their own market. Who master the standards authority, who become standard in the industry, who will grasp the initiative in the competition in the market, who became the industry standard. Is the so-called standard is active, standard market, standard all over the world. We are committed to the standards, is want straw standard to carry forward, make Chinese enterprises healthy development.

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