A straw in the standard way


A thin straw, what can it do?

In yiwu double child daily necessities co., LTD., chairman of LouZhongPing point of view, this problem is reversed: a tool or works of art to have the function that straw?

The professional drinking straw products production enterprises, is a drink when used in our daily life plastic straws. Don't look at it, & other; Double child & throughout; Has become the world largest manufacturer of drinking straw. Carrying a windmill toy straws, helping children take medicine function of straw, straw can be single suction absorption of love, to temperature change color multifunction suction & hellip; & hellip; The various types of straw can be found here.

“ Double child & throughout; The secret of success is that it has been made in standardized road firmly. & other; Although we not food production enterprises, but in the process of the construction of the workshop, production standards, are made according to the most stringent standards. Throughout the &; LouZhongPing says the & other; Double child & throughout; , the quality is not a requirement, but a habit, and this kind of habit formation is dependent on the pursuit of standardized manufacturing for many years. And he said, & other; Most people do things achieved 99%, but the remaining 1% don't do it, and we just because the remaining 1%, so successful. We can do a good job in the last 1%, standardization technology and production management system is the key factor. ”

Enterprise was founded in the early of 30-40 peer companies fight in very small profit space. "Win LouZhongPing understand, to stand out from the must. In order to improve the level of production, LouZhongPing with the help of the department of quality control, established its own set of enterprise standard system.

Due to the domestic haven't one-time straw products of national standards and industry standards, and other Double child & throughout; Just follow the standards of food production, to improve the enterprise product standards, from hardware proceed with strict clean production standard of renovation work.

Next, & other; Double child & throughout; One after another in industry standards, national standards, international standards, the road stride. In September 2006, drafted the polypropylene drinking straw and the disposable plastic drinking cup two industry standards, become the first in the history of yiwu industry standards; In November 2008, completed the polypropylene drinking straw drafting of the national standard, became the city's first completely in the sense of national standards; Since 2012, and for the polypropylene drinking straw specification to try national standards.

For straw, if wrong, must have on health. To quality management, the staff must first develop good health habits. LouZhongPing contact with Japanese customers since 1997. When Japanese people to the factory, he said, generally don't even into office, toilets to the workshop, not a look at the toilet, may be goodbye. & other; Double child & throughout; Get a set of standards for production, & other; Transplant & throughout; In the daily management. In the dust-free workshop, absolutely can't spit and litter, this is the bottom line; In the staff dormitory, the floor, the toilet is very clean, see clear in time, this is the requirement & hellip; & hellip; & other; Double child & throughout; Li Erqiao, deputy general manager said that only the tube to the finest point management, to ensure consistent product quality.

These two days, as the national standardization committee plastic products (TC369) technical committee members, LouZhongPing again in preparation for the ISO international standards for the Hawaii convention. As the only Chinese company to attend the meeting, & other; Double child & throughout; And to Chinese enterprise how to get more say on the international standard.