Japanese students invented "silent straw" drink no embarrassment



  Beijing, Feb. 17 (xinhua) According to Japanese media reports, recently, Japan's Kyoto university faculty of science in grade one students, takahashi sway aso (19) started to research and development, drink to drink won't send out a silent straw "si, si" sound. At present, the university also through research grants, launched a positive support.


  It is understood that contributed to the study of opportunity from takahashi experience, "when I was a child, because the sound always make parents angry".

  He first put forward the hypothesis that thin film, which is formed by the liquid into the pipette is the source of the sound, in order to find out thin film structure, however, he is struggling.

  After about 40 straw after trial production, finally achieved the effect of generally no sound. But takahashi remains fully committed to the research, and said "there is still room for improvement". If make the finished product, he is going to drinking juice in the cinema freely.

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