See, smell, pinch 3 buy safe straw


  Drinking straw is related to our life necessities, people drink soya-bean milk, milk, beverages, will use it. This year on March 20, the life times published a "beware of the entrance to the poison straw" news, content mentioned "jiangsu province pledges inspect bureau released the sampling results of plastic straw on the market, including 7" 3 without "product, become often use bad for their health." So how do consumers buy relatively safe and reliable straw products? Small make up teach you 3, buy safety straws.

  First is the "look" - when the choose and buy a straw to see whether the packing seal, as far as possible choice of heat sealing or independent packing straw. At the same time, have to look at the packaging of a straw without "qs" logo, tube with or without black spots impurities or broken, and whether the color is consistent, try not to choose gorgeous colour straws.

  The second is the "smell" - in the straw before contact beverage acrid smell a smell any peculiar smell, especially when using hot water surface had bad smell.

  The third is the "pinch" - if pinch the straw is flat, no elastic or fracture, then a straw is made of inferior thin material, these are all bad products.

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