Energy conservation and environmental protection equipment technology has become the mainstream market


  Energy saving machine to help Haitian performance at a record high

  During the exhibition xiangsu CHINAPLAS2011 Haitian international press conference, Haitian international executive director and director of strategic development (CSO) and mar? Buddha said professor Franz, Haitian international machine sales more than 30000 units in 2010, performance is about 7 billion yuan, compared with 2009 sales growth of 82.8%, an all-time high. Energy saving injection molding machine sea every day long MA series has maintained a good sales momentum, accounts for about 70% of the total sales group. Long fiat all-electric series injection molding machine day sharp VE sold 800 units. The company export sales are up 100% from 2009.

  Buddha professor Franz said: "with the growing of energy and cost pressure, save energy and reduce resource consumption has become the task facing the whole plastic industry. We also more and more to realize the sustainable development of the product will become the core of technological innovation in the future." Buddha professor lang also spoke about the bio-based plastics, he said, this kind of material processing need more applications and research and development, it is also a long fiat tianrun ME series specialize in one of the areas.

  Full set hair machinery factory co., LTD., the scene on many products, including all electric injection molding machine and two machine. Company development manager Du Junyi told this reporter introduced the CLF all-electric type plastic injection molding machine - 180 - ae and ae CLF - 450.

  Full set hair machinery factory co., LTD., the scene on many products, including all electric injection molding machine and two machine. Company development manager Du Junyi told this reporter introduced the CLF all-electric type plastic injection molding machine - 180 - ae and ae CLF - 450.

  Full set hair AE series full electric adantages, plastic injection molding machine, such as the German Siemens controller and the servo motor, excellent performance, high precision; High-performance injection, high speed, stable and accurate; The seismic ability improved; Unique energy recovery function, save electricity, environmental protection fully meet the trend of low carbon energy saving; Multi-axis simultaneous operation, greatly shorten the molding time, etc.

  Injection machine at present, China still is given priority to with three board, but the developed countries in Europe and the compact structure of the injection machine has become the second board market mainstream. Two trigger numerous advantages, such as machine length shortening, save floor space, it is a development trend of injection machine is very important. The exhibition, all set hair company also exhibited CLF - TP series double template TP CLF - 950 injection molding machines.

  Lin Congjie company deputy general manager said: "energy conservation and environmental protection is the trend of future injection opportunity to focus on energy conservation direction development, from the point of the current situation, should be a servo energy-saving this aspect, the company also made a lot of work in the servo motor. Fully electric injection machines will also get further development."

  O's efficient injection machine

  O's (Arburg) production injection molding machine for 55 years history, its most famous model Allrounder more welcomed golden jubilee celebration this year. HelmutHeinson said, the future will still be transmitted through CHINAPLAS international displaying Chinese customers, to further develop high-end technology market.

  Exhibited in CHINAPLAS2011, o's hybrid Allrounder720H and entry-level Allrounder470CGoldenEdition. Company sales director HelmutHeinson pointed out that there's all machine made in Germany, and quality is absolutely guaranteed, and very environmental protection. He said: "what we produce mechanical energy consumption less, these products all have labels' e2 'benefits. So, not only because of the problems facing each manufacturer is different, so, he will take the initiative to send officials to solve problems together with customers, to adjust the machine to the ideal state of production and energy saving."

  HelmutHeinson said, "the future will focus on development of high-end market in China. In the past, only to build a factory in China, Europe, America and other customers want to buy our machine. Now more and more local manufacturers hope to introduce our equipment."

  Times long new technology leading the trend

  In CHINAPLAS 2011 international exhibition on the rubber and plastic, family times long mainly show two products: the latest generation of twin screw extruder ZSK32Mc18 twin-screw extruder STS75advanced and standards. The ZSK32Mc18 than torque increased by more than 30%, make the production can be increased by 30%.

  Division times lung (nanjing) sales director jun said that ZSK32Mc18 is times as long for a new generation of technology integration: its than torque can reach 18 nm/cm3, the spindle spline of extruder used brand-new design, can withstand higher mechanical torque. Screw spindle adopts high-performance aviation materials, to ensure that transfer torque completely to the extruder processing segment, using patent and FET feed screw element enhancement technique, make sure that when mixing powder can make full use of all ZSK32Mc18 driving power. In terms of temperature control, heating rods design improves the heat efficiency. The optimization of cooling system at the same time to match the latest control system can ensure uniform temperature distribution.

  Entex actively explore plastic wood market

  Well think group (Entex), general manager of overseas sales side g? Barton, according to company wants to enter wood-plastics material market in the future, making the woodiness sense and durable materials.

  The company of a patented technology in the production of PET film, can complete dry and out of the steps at the same time, production capacity greatly improved. G? Patton said, too, are also interested in wood plastic market: "now we mainly sell wood plastic mixing production line, hope can directly produce the material in the future." It is further pointed out that his grace is actively developing recycling technology, such as research how to minus the processing before mixing, the different material input directly to the machine production.

  Who value recycling market

  Who plastic technology co., LTD. (Dr. Gneuss) President StephanGneuss refers to the company's future will be adhering to the "green production" as the principle, the further development of "bottle to bottle" reengineering technology. He said, who is the most proud of the product can be used in the recycled PET material MRS extruder. He said: "use the equipment, shall not be obliged to advance and dry, shall not be subject to the crystallization, can use recycled plastic bottles, produce used for packing food use sheet, exhaust of decontamination and excellent performance, is alone in the world without the technology."

  Referring to the Chinese market, he thinks the next 10 years China is driving signal the main market of the business, part of the project and combining with the domestic production of machine assembly line.

  EREMA: PET recycling

  EREMA company is a professional development, design, manufacture and sale of plastic regeneration of advanced technology and equipment. KurtPichlmann EREMA sales manager, said that the current PET waste processing is the most mature, the company's biggest-selling regeneration technology, there are more than 120 sets of system put into use throughout the world, producing bottle to bottle, film, packing bag and the final product.

  CHINAPLAS2011 on, the company introduced VACUREMA technology, divided into basic version, enhanced version and top version.

  Before extrusion, high temperature and high vacuum pre processing technology can keep the process stability, and can efficiently remove the moisture and volatile components in the material. But for serious smudgy recycle material, can effectively remove impurities and toxins.

  At the same time, since 2010, all orders of regeneration system is equipped with ecoSAVE more efficient energy saving technology. EcoSAVE is a complete design and process engineering, including a variety of energy saving method. Customer no additional cost, can reduce power consumption by up to 10%.

  Jas qi efficient all electric bottle blowing machine

  Jas qi group, bottle blowing machine advantages such as high output, stable performance by customers both at home and abroad. On CHINAPLAS2011, jas qi group chairman, said Dr Tan Bingli "group exhibition of AE - 70 - TS all electric bottle blowing machine, this technology is currently in the domestic blank, is the world's rare bottle blowing machine. Same type electric bottle blowing machine adopts new structure design, broke the conventional design. The exhibition display equipment has 6000 bottles/hour production capacity, bottle blowing pressure of 6 bar, capacity of one litre. In addition, all electric bottle blowing machine has good yield, stable and reliable performance."

  Dr Tan pointed out that this exhibition all electric bottle blowing machines with servo motor to replace the traditional hydraulic drive system, reduce the hydraulic system of the electric energy waste, also to avoid the hydraulic system of oil pollution, the whole machine energy saving can reach 30%. The equipment and energy saving, stable, long life, has the advantages of Europe and the United States advanced bottle blowing machine.

  The key treasure bottle blowing machines equipped with gas recovery unit

  According to introducing, the key development treasure of blow molding equipment can be applied to all kinds of bottle type, such as mineral water bottles, clean container with flat bottles, food in jars, etc. Company general manager Xie Shulin says, 9 exhibits cavity 12000 bp all electric bottle blowing machine is a two-part bottle blowing machine, from the previous generation of 6 cavity 6000 bottles/hour to today's nine cavity 12000 bottles/hour. Production capacity at the same time, the device increased the gas recovery unit, reduce the energy consumption of the air compressor.

  Generation of up to six cavity 6000 bottles/hour air compressor of the equipment need to be 4.5 m3 volume, and a new generation of 9 cavity 12000 bottles per hour of equipment only reached 7 m3 air compressor capacity. Not only reduces the energy consumption, but also reduces the manufacturing cost of the equipment. In addition, due to the capacity of ascension, the maturing of the mechanical design, 9 cavity 12000 bp all electric bottle blowing machine saved compared with the previous generation products nearly half of the area.

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