The plastic process is slow Biodegradable plastic bag industry has huge potential


  In general, the traditional PE plastics are synthetic, using a large number of stabilizing agent to ensure the quality of our products and plastic bags in the natural environment in cycle is very long, generally 200 degradation in soil, and the degradation of pollution is permanent, water and land pollution can use economic measures. Polylactic acid (PLA) if pollution calculation, really is not expensive.

  Tell me about the cost is not easy, said. Original petroleum base of polyethylene plastic 3 a MAO, now to 5 cents. Start to use, the product quality is not stable, also had to endure all sorts of inconvenience, cope with the "easy" leakage trouble, a lot of citizens don't accept it. Reporters check information, economically developed countries in Europe and the United States and Japan, using biodegradable bags have advocated, such as poly (lactic acid) (PLA) has used or economic means to force through legislation. Polylactic acid in Europe and the United States is mainly do the tableware, knives and forks, beverage cups, straws, lid, shopping bags and other articles for daily use. In the United States, there are 150000 tons of production capacity, annual production of more than 100000 tons. Individual states law must use biodegradable plastic products, enterprises need not biodegradable products, workers don't make, don't think their business social responsibility. Japan was encouraged to use less petroleum base products, the products of the enterprise must indicate the biodegradable base material ratio, but in Japan after the economic crisis, because of enterprise operating performance decline, plastic limit process slow down.

  Our country plastic industry, has formed the basis of yunnan, hainan, jiangsu and other places are also trying to promote biodegradable plastic bags, zhejiang sea is group a was formed with an annual production capacity of 15000 tons. At present, cofco, annual output of 30000 tons of polylactic acid project has landed in changchun by the open area. Only in jilin province demand reached 30000 tons of plastic bags, shows great potential.

  Can't ask everyone must immediately use biodegradable polylactic acid products, but everyone should know the account. Small plastic bags, affects the heart, it is the modern civilization degree of a ruler, that bear and responsibility for the future of mankind.

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