Look for the QS sign for straw


        Yesterday, the reporter on the well lane lane of a tea shop looking at bulk straw asked a sentence, your straw QS (quality safety)? Waiter hurriedly took out a whole package of straw said, pointing to the QS logo above, you have, you trust. This year 3 & middot; 15, straw was exposed without QS certification, with the reworked material, medical waste, industrial dye production of straw without card let people really got a fright.
   In deep straw industry more than 20 years, with a straw, king said the yiwu double child straws, chairman of LouZhongPing more worrying: yiwu factory, a total of 13 straw with nine unlicensed, national estimates more than 200 unlicensed underground workshop there is no regulation, accounted for about 70% of the circulation market.
   Hangzhou HuanBei small commodity market, the reporter after several shops sell plastic products have not seen a straw, with the identity of the buyer finally asked a shop's boss, the boss hurriedly took out several packets of straw from the inside, a look at carefully, don't say QS logo, material, production date, shelf-life, production license and other related information are nowhere to be found.
  “ Boss, this no QS logo. ”
  5 pieces of a pack of, you want to have the logo has, 10 RMB. The boss said, he was also recently watched TV just know, and QS, sold 78 straws, had never considered this and cheap profits thin, is nobody's business.
  “ Straw is the industry standard, we involved in drafting made of polypropylene drinking straw industry standards and national standards, now we are involved in formulating the international standard. But government regulation is needed to perform standard, otherwise it shall be regarded as invalid. ” LouZhongPing said, a few years ago, their products in the market and sales, but in recent years been & other; Cast & throughout; Out, because the price is really out of others.
  “ The most common straw, the somebody else is to sell a few li a root, we now almost no straw under 1 minute, would certainly be squeezed out. ” LouZhongPing that straw is a special product, is the product attached, consumers have no choice, businessmen for profit, the natural choice cheap, good money after bad COINS, in strict accordance with the standard of straw factory were sad days. & other; Now we can only go high-end, or export into the supermarket. ”
   In recent years, LouZhongPing ran a lot of places to do research, on the straw market is very concern, especially outside the province, even those who have a certificate of the enterprise, also with back to material, and these back to the material composition is very complicated, it can be used “shocking ” To describe the 。
  “ Using straws as far as possible choose transparent, also can only rely on the government to put more effort into regulation, and there is no other way. ” LouZhongPing helpless.

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