The company equipment export success will straw to Birmingham, UK


Because the straws belongs to the labor-intensive industry, so for a long time, our customers are concentrated in the less developed countries such as Asia, Africa, America, these countries a lot of labor is relatively cheap. When received customer enquiries from Birmingham, UK, very surprise, this is a beverage production enterprise, every year from India purchase straws, but due to straw frequent testing bacteria, heavy metal exceeds bid, the customer wants to understand the straws of equipment needed for production and process, whether it is feasible to determine their own production. We in the email and telephone communication to the customer to see the video equipment, this paper introduces the straw production process, from raw materials, packaging materials, and need of auxiliary equipment in detail one by one, and the manufacturing cost accounting for the guest's straw. After knowing all, straws, guests feel production equipment investment is not big, straw cost is far lower than the imported from India straws.